Photography Workshop (Final)

This version is the final version (pictures are scanning of the sketchbook) of the sketchbook which means that have been well organised and ready for checking. 

All this version will be in the same order with sketchbook.

Front Cover of FC002



Title page for Photography workshop.

That included points I have developed or want to explore more while doing the workshop.


Evaluation of the whole workshop

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (38).jpg

Photographers Research 


%5bUntitled%5d02042018 (1).jpg

Page 2

%5bUntitled%5d02042018 (2).jpg

Photos that have taken by myself ( Page 3 )

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (35).jpg

Photos ( Page 3 )

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (34).jpg

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (33).jpg

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (32).jpg

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (31).jpg

Works related to the research ( Page 4 ) 


%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (30).jpg

Additional Photographer research focused on Multiple exposure ( Page 5 )

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (29).jpg

Additional research about composition

( Page 6-7 )

Page 6

%5bUntitled%5d02042018 (3).jpg

Page 7

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (25).jpg

Additional pages ( Collage )

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (27).jpg


%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (26).jpg

Working processes in PhotoShop Steps by steps annotations (Page 8-9 )

Page 8

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (24).jpg

Page 9

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (22).jpg


%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (23).jpg

All the works above have been included into the sketchbook for FC002 from page 1 to page 9. With all the reflections, annotation and reference (Harvard) of the works.



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