Mixed Media Workshop (Final)

This version is the final version (pictures are scanning of the sketchbook) of the sketchbook which means that have been well organised and ready for checking.


Evaluation of the mixed media and watercolour workshop

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (20).jpg

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (17).jpg

Developments and explorations of watercolour techniques ( Page 11 – 12 )

Page 11

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (19).jpg

Explanation of works in page 11

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (21).jpg

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (18).jpg

Page 12

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (14).jpg

Reflection of Page 11 – 12

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (16).jpg

Mind map about linking product design and mixed media techniques together ( Page 13 )

%5bUntitled%5d02042018 (3).jpg

Development & exploration of doing the design works with watercolour techniques

( Page 14 – 15)

Page 14

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (13).jpg


Page 15

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (12).jpg

Watercolours with Product design ( Page 16 )

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (11).jpg

Annotation and reflection about my own design works ( Page 17 )

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (10).jpg

Artists research about mixed media and painting ( Page 18 – 23 )

Vincent Van Gogh ( Page 18 )

%5bUntitled%5d02042018 (2).jpg

Research about Brian Hubble ( Page 19 )

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (8).jpg

Research about Sue Lowe ( Page 20 -21 )

Page 20

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (7).jpg

Page 21

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (6).jpg

Research about Jean Haines ( Page 22 )

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (4).jpg

My practice work about Jean’s

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (5).jpg

Research about Ann Mortimer ( Page 23 )

%5bUntitled%5d10032018 (3).jpg

All the works above have been included all the works in the sketchbook with reflection, annotation and references for FC002 from page 10 to page 23.


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